Francisco Mantecon Poster design competion

Come and join the Francisco Mantecon Poster competition by Terra Gauda wine.

This is a bi-annual competition open to all illustrators / designers, to promote Terra Gauda wine. Submission is free, and there is a prize pot of 16000€ to share among the 4 winners. 10000€ for first place, 2000€ for second, third place and special mention.

The competition was originally started in 2001 in honor of Fransico Mantecon who was the brand designer for Terra Gauda wines, to celebrate design. He had a close working relationship of friendship and support to the Terra Gauda wines. In 2011 I was lucky enough to participate and be chosen as a finalist. It was such an amazing experience to sit there among so many of my peers, and be part of an exhibition of 3000 posters that was submitted worldwide for the competition. I made some friends there too, people with whom I'm still in contact with on FB and Instagram. Additionally, for the 40 finalists that was chosen, there was an afterparty where they served the most incredible fish dishes I have eaten to date, and a tour of the Terra Gauda winery the next day.

The event is held in Vigo Spain, during which time the submitted posters will be exhibited for 2 weeks for the public to see. It is a BLAST!! Give it a go, as a previous finalist myself, it was an amazing experience!

Op June 29, 2017