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Vonfires Design & Illustratie

My name is Adele, and I doodle on anything that will stand still long enough. But this doesn't make me completely anti-social, I am known to be able to bring teams together, give them something to laugh about and look forward too (even if it is just a doodle in their birthday card).

On the downside, I have no set style. On the upside, I have a highly commercial brain, and I know how to get to the essence of an idea. 3 years in the international corporate environment has been useful to me, but my mind finds the office politics dull, I cope by drawing doodles on people's whiteboards, or guerilla doodles on the metro or rude drawings in my sketchbook... 

I love characters, I love drawing people as characters, I love making objects characters. Currently, I am enrolled in learning more Biological and Natural sketches. 

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