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Peter Welleman illustrations, cartoons and animation for social media

Since 2001 I'm a freelance illustrator, creating artwork for various books, magazines, board- and web games. I work for several magazines and websites, both in Europe and the US. Most of my artwork is for illustrating magazine articles, often with serious topics, like technology or InfoGraphics. I also make short animations for social media.

My style suits a young audience, however the content of my illustrations covers a broad range of subjects, from (political) satire to children books. One of my specialities is creating complicated cutaway illustrations of machinery to explain the inner mechanisms. Please visit my sites to find samples of this sort artwork.

I’m an engineer by training, but later on in life discovered I like illustration work too much, so I decided to make it my goal to becoming a well known, established artist. My studio is in the Netherlands, as is my boyfriend and most of my clients, but I like to work for international clients as well. I speak Dutch, English and German. My other passion in life is flying, I live near a small airfield with a local flying club. If you visit me, I might take you for a little flight :)

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