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I'm a freelance illustrator, living in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I live in an old pastorage with a curious toddler, an Italian lover and a redhaired cat.
I create delicate, detailed botanical and animal themed hand-drawn designs. By blending textures and organic shapes I create a beautiful combination that moves rhythmically and sometimes repeats as a pattern. My work embraces every organism and object, it offers a place for people to wander carefree spaces (where even death is beautiful) and tales of forgotten worlds can be discovered. You can often find me exploring the dunes and woods near my house, or looking for small critters by the sea.

. finely detailed, handdrawn illustrations
· materials are pencil, ink, sometimes papercut
· incorporating pattern, rhythm, hand lettering, depth and texture
· combining unexpected elements into new organic compositions


. Illustrations and patterns for magazines, book cover and book interior design
. Repeat patterns for fashion, product licensing, home goods and packaging
. Illustrations for packaging & branding

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