La Scarlatte

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Over La Scarlatte

· scar · lat · te
la (f) [Pien]

1. scarlet-feathered songbird (Pinanga olivacea)

2. illustrator (Pauline Teunissen)
· common name: Pien
· typically seen absorbing Amsterdam wildlife
· forages by bicycle, catching moments mid-flight
· often found drawing curiosities at the local zoo
· sometimes associated with the magpie family (pica pica),
because of her fascination with collections and boxed assemblages
· most recognizable for her red plumage
· very approachable, thrives in collaborative environments

3. finely detailed, handdrawn illustrations
· materials are pencil, ink, sometimes papercut
· incorporating pattern, rhythm, hand lettering, depth and texture
· combining unexpected elements into new organic compositions

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